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Welcome to Moonlight Online Wiki. Moonlight Online is a fantasy 3D Vampire MMORPG made by IGG (I Got Games). A massive 3D MMORPG that will take advantage of a cutting-edge game engine, Moonlight Online will allow gamers to show off their creativity using its unique features. Players will be able to choose from an impressive range of superpower abilities. The demolition and creation of entire worlds will lie in gamers' hands, giving Moonlight Online an epic scope that hinges on their every decision and action.

Moonlight Online will bestow upon characters gravity-defying abilities such as flight, scaling vertical cliffs, or leaping from one skyscraper to another. Devastating wars between Vampires and Werewolves will lend the game a haunting and surreal feel, and an entire apocalyptic universe will be ripe for exploration. One feature in the game that strategy enthusiasts will find intriguing will be the power to build and destroy empires among the war-torn worlds, helping to make Moonlight Online a versatile game that should appeal to a wide variety of gamers.

In the months ahead, IGG will reveal more details and offer sneak peeks into the supernatural universe of Moonlight Online, so stay tuned to this site for the latest news and updates.

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